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Site Based Council 2015-2016 Accomplishments
Berwick Alternative K-8
Site Based Council
2015-2016 Accomplishments
Berwick Alternative K-8 has enjoyed a great second year with its Site Based Council (SBC). Together and with the help of Strategic Links, Inc. we met our focus goal for this school year, which was to develop our 3-year strategic plan. Over the course of the next three (3) years, our goal is to create, recognize, and nurture a STEAM mindset among students, teachers, parents and community. The following objectives accompany our goal:
1) Facilitate a monthly STEAM design challenge.
2) Improve school aesthetics and visuals that demonstrate STEAM learning.
3) Develop a chant/cheer/song to establish continuity and school spirit.
4) Create a system to recognize and reward STEAM staff “standouts.”
5) Offer professional development focused on STEAM.
6) Increase awareness and support from current and future parents about a quality STEAM curriculum.
7) Increase awareness and support from the community and partners about a quality STEAM curriculum.
In addition to meeting our focus goal, the SBC assisted in the planning of two math nights for PK-2 and 3-8. This was our year to focus on the M in STEAM – math.
2015-2016 Site Based Council Members:
· Natalie Grayson, Principal (Chairperson)
· Ursel McElroy-Drake, PTO President (Co-Chairperson)
· Bruce Black, Berwick Civic Association
· Ben Shinabery, The Dick and Jane Project
· Kim Gattis, Columbus College of Art and Design
· Jodi Blacksher, parent
· Keith Jorgensen, Dean of Students/Math Coach
· Shannon Holland, 2nd Grade Teacher
· Mildred Poindexter, School Psychologist
· Jennifer Riegler, Middle School MD Teacher
· Jared Laughbaum, STEAM Team Leader and 6th Grade Science Teacher